Susan de Vriend

A Reading was something I was interested in discovering, and I met Saskia at This Woman’s work Utrecht, so I gladly booked a HoliYou Session (Reading) with her. During the session, I felt excited and open to learn more about what the intuitive session would uncover. My feeling and mood shifted when you tapped into something I’d been wondering my whole life: Did my parents really want a boy? Once became clear in the energy what was behind that, I felt a weight lifted and a new awareness set in.

During the Reading I felt a few tingles in my heart. This is when I know I am receiving something of truth and love. When we talked about my twin soul brother, I felt love all around me and a warmth settled on my shoulders as if he was with me. Healing me. It was really strong when you said something about how he wants me to live my own life without guilt.

This reading did meet my expectations and more. I had no idea what to expect. But what you found out helped me in numerous ways that I am still learning about a few weeks later. It brought me peace and compassion for myself. I really feel guided, supported and loved.

Throughout the session, I felt your loving warm energy which made me feel safe. I was able to open up more with that. Especially when we talked about how I always thought my parents wanted a boy. You told me more of what I needed to know. It helped me understand more what I believe my soul has been searching for a long time. Clarity of my reason and purpose of being here. I was able to release guilt. I would recommend your help to those who I believe are open to it.