Gill Rees

The reason or trigger for me to do this HoliYou session (Reading) was, that I am on a journey of discovery, especially when it comes to the inner me. What has happened in my past, how does that influence what I do now. I am always open to looking within and listening to how my higher self can help me in the days/weeks and months to come.

During the session I felt very relaxed. Like you I too sat with my eyes closed, my hands in my lap and my feet on the ground. I definitely felt more grounded. My hands were very warm and a sense of serenity was present. I didn”t have expectations. I went in with an open mind and wanted to be as neutral as possible, let you do your work.

So many things that you mentioned were relevant. Insights into certain feelings and situations. Confirmation that I am moving in the right direction and creativity is one aspect of my talents that I can certainly make more use of. I accept a lot more now that I am who I am and things are how they are. And that if I ask, it will be answered. I believe more and more in what I am able of. I feel very safe with you! Your voice is very calming, as is your whole demeanor. You are a silent strength. You explained clearly what you you saw and what you wanted from me.

I certainly recommend you to others. Especially those who want to look within for answers. Those who are on the same journey as myself. Learning to grow in spirituality and daring to let go in order to move forward.