HoliYou Session

You feel stuck, and may tend to deny it. Or you might be afraid to lose yourself if you’re gonna face it.

In the meanwhile you feel stuck in your work, relationship, your thoughts, emotions, hormones or your body. And as a result you don’t take certain steps, you allow yourself to be distracted, you experience restlessness and confusion or you might feel pain.

You wonder if you have to learn to live with it, if you are doing something wrong. You get the feeling change is gonna come, from your inside. So a clear view on this is needed, as it feels substantial. It’s time for a positive change, transformation even.

That means it’s time for a HoliYou session that fits you and your situation. All types of sessions are about the conscious and unconscious communication with yourself: body, mind and spirit. Gaining insight into this, making room for it and healing where necessary. This requires clear and healing communication with yourself and from there with the other.

HoliYou Sessions help bring you into your essential light energy. A sacred space from which you are able to make clear and soulful decisions.

HoliCall – Let’s have a call, tune in and discuss the possibilities.

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Read more about my toolkit. Combinations possible, most of them online.


Coaching sessions will give you in-depth insights into how you (un)consciously communicate with yourself and its effect. If needed, you heal certain parts on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. You learn to tune in to yourself in a refined way, so that you can make clear decisions that match who you truly are.

Human Design

During a Human Design session you discover the essence of your unique blueprint, your talents and pitfalls. What you show (communication) and what you are receptive to. And what your natural strategy and authority is to make important decisions. Human Design is a system in which esotericism and science blend in.


Come to a deeper understanding of why certain things happen in your life, body, place of residence, work or business, via a Reading. A Reading shows you the step you are taking, the process you are in, and your plan in this life. Including talents, blind spots, things below the surface and beliefs that play a role in this. Increasing your awareness often leads to an inner shift and the creation of focus and space for the next step in your development.


A Healing brings your energy system into balance and supports your well-being. Often a relaxing and enlightening experience that helps you to create strength and space in yourself and to calm or transform the chatter in your head. You let go of what you no longer need or what you were carrying for someone else.

Hands-on Healing

During a Hands-on Healing your life energy is invited to those places where it does not flow in your body now. This healing art often makes you feel being reborn, more present, less physical pain, inner strength and gentleness. An extraordinary experience!

Sound massage

The sounds and vibrations of singing bowls and other acoustic instruments bring you into a relaxed and clear state of being and heals on different levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Blockages are set in motion in a subtle way, so that you can let go of them.

Expressive writing

Through writing exercises you discover what is going on in yourself and how you communicate with yourself. You clear old stuff while writing and clarify your (inner) communication. A healing, enriching and expressive process.

If you want to know more about my services, let me know. I haven’t translated my whole website in English.